eBook Writing Services

eBook Research And Writing From Just 5p Per Word

eBook Writing Services

In the world of content marketing, eBooks are becoming more and more popular.

eBooks are a great way to raise your brands profile, attract new audiences, and increase your overall success.

Through simple “how to” guides and small slices of entertainment, you can subtly sell to new customers without making them feel pushed. 

Our expert writers can take care of the entire process. From research to writing, editing to formatting, and even cover design – we have it all covered. Better still our prices are affordable, we only have native English writers and we deliver ASAP. After all, it’s in our name.

Why Choose ASAP Writers?

“Content is King, but excellence is it’s Queen”

Why Choose ASAP Writers?

Save Time

Running a successful business is time consuming enough. Delegating certain tasks to experts can not only free up your valuable time but also produce better results.

Boost Sales

Our expert copywriters will research & capture the essence of your service, selling it to your target audience in a way that is both engaging and fascinating, increasing sales.


Our UK native copywriters strive to ensure their work is of the highest quality every single time. Saving you time and producing outstanding results.


Content writers don’t just write. We research to fully understand the topic we are writing about. We have experts in many fields, ensuring your content is written by someone who understands your business.


Learning how your audience ticks, we can create content to persuade your website visitors to take action. We will write sales copy that isn't pushy but makes your users take action and purchase your services.


Most agencies (those of quality, anyway) usually charge around 10p per word - £50 for 500 words. Are prices start from as low as just 5p per word without you taking a hit on the quality that's produced.

Our Packages

Simply order the amount of words or pages you need below. Need more? On the check-out page you can edit the amount of words you need.

1,000 Words



just 6p per word

5,000 Words



just 6p per word

10,000 Words



just 5p per word

Research & Strategy

Your businesses success is at the heart of everything we do, so we will work closely with you, understanding the purpose of your eBook, the content you want to include and the style of writing required based on your target audience.

Once we have an outline, we will assign a writer who understands your niche and can transform your ideas into a high-quality, engaging eBook.

The beauty of an eBook is that it can be broken down, reformatted and reused later on as a blog post or article on your website.

It can be hard to keep creating intelligent and relevant new blog posts. eBooks contain a wealth of knowledge that can be easily split into posts that you can publish on your website again and again to keep drive more traffic.

These blog posts can serve as excellent adverts for your eBook itself. By using snippets of the book on your blog or website, customers get a taste of the information on offer and are likely to decide that they want to read more. Ultimately, this leads to even more readers, or buyers, of your eBook.

Well Researched. Professionally Written

An eBook’s success is dependent on the quality of its content and design. Readers are looking for professional level writing with a clear and understandable layout. eBooks are produced to provide information, but it’s essential that it’s never boring. Every chapter should come packed with the relevant information and end with a unique take away and call to action.

Finding the right balance of interesting and informative can be tricky, but our team of expert writers have it covered. We can produce a high quality, professional eBook that not only lives up to, but exceeds your expectations.

Informative eBooks require a great layout that helps the reader understand your content and follow it through the pages. We ensure that every eBook we create is not only professionally written but is beautifully designed for maximum success.

eBooks As Marketing Tools

Complicated Topics

eBooks offer the unique opportunity to cover a complicated topic within your niche that simply can’t be explained in a blog post – at least not an interesting one.

Within an eBook you have the opportunity to use visuals, graphics, and a range of writing techniques to convey your message to your readers in the clearest, and most engaging, way possible.

Increase Traffic

By placing all of the relevant topics, questions and sought-after information relating to your niche in one place, you become a go-to place for help.

Readers will come to your website and use your eBook as their fountain of knowledge. Adding links from the book to the services and products you offer will bring new customers directly to your website.

Wealth Of Knowledge

eBooks are the perfect way to show your potential clients just how knowledgeable you are on the subject.

When you teach others valuable information, they come to trust you as a source, and in turn are more likely to contact your business to help them solve their problems, via services or products.

Brand Identity

An eBook is a great way to show your potential customers exactly who you are as a business. Your unique voice will be central throughout the pages of the book. Using friendly and relatable language and including stories will help to build trust with prospective clients.

Subtle Sales

eBooks allow you to tell prospective customers all about your brand, its intentions, and motivations without seeming like you’re pushing yourself on them.

Using case studies and customer testimonies, you can show your reader the benefits of what you have to offer without them feeling “sold to”.