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Blog Writing Services

At ASAP Writers, we provide high-quality, engaging blog posts tailored to your websites needs.

Blog posts are essential for a successful web presence. After all, Google loves new, fresh content to crawl. The more blog posts you have, the more keywords your website will rank for in search engines. This, inevitably will result in an increase of organic, targeted traffic.

Producing quality blogs on mass is difficult and time consuming, stealing your focus away from what you do best – running your business.

We can produce blog posts based on your requests, or provide fresh content based on what your customers in your niche are searching for.

Why Choose ASAP Writers?

“Content is King, but excellence is it’s Queen”

Why Choose ASAP Writers?

Save Time

Running a successful business is time consuming enough. Delegating certain tasks to experts can not only free up your valuable time but also produce better results.

Boost Sales

Our expert copywriters will research & capture the essence of your service, selling it to your target audience in a way that is both engaging and fascinating, increasing sales.


Our UK native copywriters strive to ensure their work is of the highest quality every single time. Saving you time and producing outstanding results.


Content writers don’t just write. We research to fully understand the topic we are writing about. We have experts in many fields, ensuring your content is written by someone who understands your business.


Learning how your audience ticks, we can create content to persuade your website visitors to take action. We will write sales copy that isn't pushy but makes your users take action and purchase your services.


Most agencies (those of quality, anyway) usually charge around 10p per word - £50 for 500 words. Are prices start from as low as just 5p per word without you taking a hit on the quality that's produced.

Our Packages

Simply order the amount of words or blog posts you need below. Need more? On the check-out page you can edit the amount of words you need. No contracts.

1,000 Words

1 - 2 Blogs Per Month



per month

5,000 Words

5 - 10 Blogs Per Month



per month

10,000 Words

10 - 20 Blogs Per Month



per month

Engaging Blog Posts

Our team of highly skilled writers have vast experience in a wide range of niches. From bakers to childcare professionals, tech gurus and construction workers, whatever your industry is we’ll ensure you only work with native UK writers who know exactly what they’re talking about.

We take pride in what we do. Our goal is to match the vision of every client, producing pieces of content that meet your needs and the needs of your target market. Working with our writers will guarantee that your blog posts are original, beautifully written, grammar checked and most importantly engaging.

ASAP Writers understands that creating your own blog posts day after day is draining and always having fresh new ideas is hard. This is where our expert writers excel. We can provide blogs on up-to date topics and click-worthy titles making your visitors click-through. Alongside our fountain of digital marketing expertise, your blogs will be professionally optimised with keywords that your audience are currently searching for.

Brands like Topshop, Innocent Drinks and Etsy are great examples of businesses that are utilizing a blog on their website to boost traffic with great success.

It may seem unusual to include a blog on your website that sells cheese, shoes, or electrical supplies, but relevant blogs are becoming more and more popular among industry leading businesses and their customers, for a number of reasons.

Benefits Of Having A Blog On Your Website


Blogs offer an opportunity to improve your websites SEO. By optimising your content with Keywords throughout your blog posts, you open your website up to new customers finding you through searches for more than just your brand name.


Blog posts are easily shared across every social media platform. When someone enjoys a blog from your website, they’re likely to share it on at least one of their accounts, inadvertently promoting your business to an unlimited number of potential customers.


A key benefit of adding a blog to your website is the ability to humanise your brand. Especially in this day and age where we love to feel connected to the companies we shop with. Faceless businesses don’t offer the familiarity that customers are craving these days.

A blog easily showcases your business’ values and morals, which are essential to a successful business in this ever more brand-conscious world. By adding humour, heart, and real-life stories to your brand, you build a personality that your customers will remember and keep coming back for.

Even a small and growing business can thrive in a saturated market if you provide your potential customers with some soul – a person behind the profits.


Sometimes, the products you sell might be a little complicated. Not everything can be explained in a quick product description. Blogs allow you to explain how to use your products for the best results, in quick and simple posts.


Offering a host of informative blog posts on your brand subject secures your place as a trusted resource. No matter your niche, if you can provide a variety of documents on the matter, it will prove to customers that you aren’t just another product factory.

Proving that you’re an expert in what you do shows customers that what you’re selling is worth their money. 


Blog posts are the perfect way to tell your customers why they ought to buy your products without coming across as forceful. No one likes to be sold to. Your posts can be filled with calls to actions (CTA) without the readers even realising.

Your blog will feature posts that explain why new viewers need your products, without shoving it down their throats or seeming insincere.